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Shoulder Pain, Torn Hamstring, Torn Bicep, Wrist Pain

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. He keys in on the pain and listens to what you have to say. And I’m like, ‘have at it’ because man, it’s working.”  Tom’s shoulder pain had been bothering him for more than 15 years and had progressively gotten worse. He was also suffering from a torn hamstring, torn bicep…


Hip Pain, Shooting Leg Pain

If it’s out there, I’ve tried it.  Susan had been dealing with hip pain that would shoot down her leg for 40 years.  She’d seen many different doctors and no one could zero in on exactly what was going on.  The different medical and alternative therapies that she had tried may provide some relief but the pain always returned…


Back Pain, Hip Pain, Scar Tissue, Muscle Spasm

Tim works hard: he’s a farmer, a contractor, a father, and he loves to work out.  He’s not the kind of man who likes to sit still.  Admittedly, he also doesn’t know when to slow down and listen to his body.  When Tim’s back would go out, he was miserable.  It would spasm and everything would lock up. It would hurt to …


Back Pain, Leg Pain, Scar Tissue, Scoliosis

Leesa suffered from low back and leg pain for years.  She had scoliosis, disc problems, and scar tissue – all of which contributed to her pain. She’d tried physical therapy, injections, and even cauterization.  While she did gain some relief, nothing lasted long term.  She got to the point where the injections were no longer …


Knee Pain, Alternative to Knee Replacement

Lynell had excruciating pain in her knee. She had tried physical therapy, a knee brace, and pain medications, but nothing worked. Her pain kept her up at night and was so bad that she couldn’t get in and out of a car by herself.  Her knee pain prevented her from doing what she loved, including her …


Post-Surgical Knee Pain, Knee Pain, Scar Tissue

Bonnie had a double knee replacement.  One knee healed beautifully, but she endured 3 years of post-surgical pain and frustration with the other knee.  She had seen many other doctors, wasted a lot of time and money, and was still in pain.  It got to the point that she was not able to bend her knee and … 


Shoulder Pain / Frozen Shoulder, Knee Pain, Neck Pain

“The number one thing is I can sleep at night, with no pain, that’s incredible!”  Hugo grew up farming.  10 years after retiring from the farm to become a cheese salesman, he was still suffering from chronic pain in his knees, neck, and shoulder from the many years of manual labor on the farm…


Wayne & Kelly Weiler
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Dr. Ben was wonderful to work with. I went to him because I was having issues with headaches and my arms going numb. I feel great and am no longer having those issues. Would absolutely recommend him!
Rylee Polster
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Dr. Ben is a great person all around! I have been to many doctors before and a few chiropractors too. He is by far one of the most passionate and caring guys I’ve been treated by. Don’t get me wrong he knows his stuff too. He helped me out when many others had given up. I’m truly grateful for him and his help. I gained so much more than just chronic pain help. I gained a buddy for life. Just go and meet him, you won’t regret it.
Leesa Westfall
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I first started seeing Dr. Ben mid February. I was on my way to a meeting and heard an interview that he was giving on the radio. I've tried everything possible to help with chronic back/leg etc. pain. He was describing the ways that he treats pain - options that I never knew existed. I was so excited to think that there might possibly be some help for my pain!! I rushed home and made an appointment. Walking into his office was extremely difficult and painful but NOW when I go into his office there is no pain. I can get up out of a chair with ease! Before I would have to rest after being up on my feet for more than 15 minutes as my back would seize with spasms. NOW I can work for quite some time without needing a break. I was by no means an 'easy' case so when I regained feeling in my feet I could hardly believe it! I'm immensely grateful for his expertise and the kindness that both he and Nicole have shown me. Their compassion is evident in their voices and in the treatment that I've received. I highly recommend Dr. Ben.
Nancy Wallander
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We highly recommend Dr. Wyant. My husband had been in pain for over 10 years and could only walk a short distance. Dr. Ben has worked wonders for him. He is one of the best.
Bill Hempy
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After a long history of sports, distance running, and sedentary jobs I developed some hip osteoarthritis about 6 years ago. Doctors I saw only recommended future hip replacement surgery once the effects were intolerable and that I’d just have to live with the pain/stiffness until then. My initial visit to Dr. Ben was a free examination and a thorough explanation of the treatment options. The treatments focused on loosening calcified tissues around multiple areas of the joint to re-gain mobility using chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound, and laser therapy. With some persistent patience on my part after the first couple of treatments, I felt a drastic improvement. This inspired me to get more physically active again; exactly what was needed to get more Synovial fluid flowing through the joint making the most effective use of the treatment. The treatments combined with exercise straighten out my crooked stance, improved my gait, and overall flexibility. Considering the alternatives of drugs/surgery, this treatment combined with low impact exercise, strength training, stretching, weight control, and my self-research on dietary changes relieved a lot of my stiffness. I have a renewed path toward a pain free more active/healthy lifestyle thanks to Dr. Ben.
Lila Gould
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Thank you Dr. Ben and Staff A GREAT EXPERIENCE ! I went to Dr. Ben for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with great expectation that he could heal my back. I could not bend over to unload the dishwasher, or even make my bed with out terrible pain. He explained in detail what he could do to take care of that. He said his goal was to reduce my pain 60 to 70 % . I decided to try and am so glad as I am now able to do things I could not do before. He accomplished what he said he would do. Nicole, Dr. Ben, and Carly (who took care of the laser treatment) are the best. Would highly recommend them if you have PAIN!!