The InMotion Treatment Difference

Iowa’s Pain Solver Brings Once Exclusive Pain Relief and Treatment Program to Chronic Pain Sufferers

At InMotion Pain Solutions in Cedar Rapids, we are wholly focused on relieving your pain to get you moving again.  From a personal aspect, restoring movement allows you to be free to do the things you enjoy.  From a physical aspect, restoring motion activates your body’s capacity to heal itself.  That’s the InMotion Difference: moving and healing for long-lasting pain relief.

Our FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-invasive therapies work with your body to treat the underlying causes of chronic pain to provide lasting relief and get you back to living your life.  By adapting treatments once reserved exclusively for elite athletes, we have been able to achieve remarkable outcomes for chronic pain.

Healing and Pain Relief InMotion

Your body was made to move.  Movement activates your body’s ability to heal itself by increasing blood flow, producing synovial fluid, pumping out swelling, improving nerve function, and releasing feel-good endorphins from the brain.

No Drugs, No Needles, No Surgery

Our FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-invasive treatment approach is safe and free from potentially dangerous side effects.  A conservative approach to care provides more successful and sustainable pain relief.

Powerful Therapies

High Intensity Laser Therapy is the cornerstone of our care plan. Our lasers are among the most powerful lasers available anywhere in the world, reaching deeper into damaged tissues to provide better outcomes for our patients. When combined with our other therapies, the care you receive is truly unmatched anywhere in Eastern Iowa.

Whole-Body, Holistic Approach to Pain Treatment

We understand how different parts of your body support and rely upon one another.  Our comprehensive treatment approach addresses the interconnected system of muscles, bones, nerves, and ligaments to maximize healing – not only in the injured area, but in the supporting tissues that surround it.

Personalized Recovery and Treatment Plans that Change with You

Your journey through care will be as unique as you are.  As you progress through treatment, your body will change.  Likewise, your care plan will be adjusted to optimize your progress.

Know Your Doctor

At other clinics, patients spend more time with nurses and assistants than they do with their doctor. Not at InMotion Pain Solutions.  Dr. Ben Wyant partners with you on your journey to regaining your health, spending the necessary time to ensure that you are getting the most out of your treatment experience in our Cedar Rapids clinic.

We are Iowa’s Pain Solver