High Intensity Laser Therapy For Pain Relief and Recovery

High Intensity Laser Therapy (also known a HILT), is a FDA-cleared treatment option that has proven success in reducing pain and healing damaged tissues. Laser therapy is one of the most powerful tools we’ve found to assist our patients in regaining motion – without the risk and side effects of drugs, injections, or surgery. We’re proud to bring this healing tool to Eastern Iowa.


Green Laser Therapy BackHILT stimulates a series of biological changes in the body which work together to reduce pain and stimulate healing.

Softens Scar Tissue – Scar tissue is tight, weak, painful tissue that forms in the body as a result of an injury. Scar tissue prevents you from moving, and when you can’t move, you can’t heal. Laser light softens existing scar tissue and prevents new scar tissue from forming, enabling you to regain mobility and range of motion.

Relieves Pain – Laser therapy reduces pain by stimulating the release of endorphins and enkephalins (the body’s natural pain killers) from the brain and adrenal glands.

Calms Muscle Spasms – When your body detects an injury, muscles will go into “guard” mode to protect from further injury. This might be helpful in the short term, but in order for your body to begin healing from the injury, you need to relax those muscles and get your body moving again. HILT relaxes muscle spasms to reduce pain and facilitate movement.

Resets Chronic Pain Cycle – Chronic pain can be made worse when your body memorizes pain signals in the interneurons. Laser light reaches into the interneurons to reset pain memory and restore proper communication between your brain and body.

Improves Blood Flow – When blood flows through the body, it delivers oxygen and other vital nutrients that your body needs to heal. HILT improves blood flow and increases the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) to help damaged tissues to heal faster.

Reduces Inflammation – Improved blood flow to an injury reduces swelling by carrying away excess fluids. Laser therapy increases blood flow by increasing the formation of new blood vessels and by enabling better muscle movement. When muscles move, they physically pump more blood throughout the body, further reducing inflammation.

Improves Nerve Function – HILT improves communication between your brain and nerves by blocking incorrect signals and stimulating proper signals. It also speeds up the process of nerve repair and recovery.

Speeds Healing – In addition to improving blood flow, laser light reaches deep into the cells of the body to energize the cells -increasing cell reproduction and growth, activating immune cells, and accelerating RNA and DNA repairs.


Not all lasers are created equal. The high intensity lasers used at InMotion Pain Solutions are among the most powerful lasers available anywhere in the world.  More powerful lasers enable the healing light to reach deeper into damaged tissues, treat surrounding and supporting tissues, and provide better outcomes for our patients.  Patients at our Cedar Rapids clinic have exclusive access to these high intensity lasers that cannot be found anywhere else in Iowa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, laser therapy has been cleared by the FDA for treating pain and has been used by European physicians since the 1970s. Laser therapy, when used by a properly trained profession, has no known side effects.

During a high intensity laser therapy session at InMotion Pain Solutions in Cedar Rapids, you will be resting comfortably in a dimly lit, private room with the laser light pointed at the treatment area. Some patients will feel warmth from the light, while others may not feel anything. The length of your HILT session will depend on your individual treatment plan. It’s important to know that the therapeutic effects of high intensity laser therapy continue to work within your body even after your treatment session has ended. Also, the benefits of HILT are cumulative, meaning each therapy session builds upon the one before. While some patients may feel relief after just a few sessions, most experience gradual improvements over a series of treatments.

To better understand laser therapy, it helps to compare it to photosynthesis. In science class, we learned that plants convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy to fuel growth. In a similar way, your body converts light energy from the laser into chemical energy to fuel cell growth and healing within your body.

No, high intensity laser therapy does not hurt.  HILT uses therapeutic lasers to stimulate healing and relieve pain which are different from surgical lasers used to cut tissue.  Therapeutic laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment during which a laser light is shone over an area of the body.  Some patients do not feel anything during treatment, while others experience a warming sensation (similar to sitting under a heat lamp).  Most patients describe laser therapy as a soothing and relaxing experience.

The length of each laser therapy treatment will vary by patient, condition, and area of the body that is being treated.  It is also important to know laser therapy is just one portion of your overall pain relief and mobility treatment plan at InMotion Pain Solutions.  Laser therapy will be combined with other treatments and therapies while you progress through care at our clinic.  The doctor will discuss all aspects of your care plan with you, including the length of your appointments.

The pain relief and healing that is provided by laser therapy occurs over time and requires a series of appointments.  The number of treatments will depend on the patient, condition, and treatment area. The doctor will explain the entire treatment plan with you prior to beginning care.

Yes. In fact, studies have shown that blended treatment approaches are far more effective than treatments used in isolation. At InMotion Pain Solutions, High Intensity Laser Therapy is combined with other treatments to create an overall care plan that is uniquely designed for you and your condition.  We have found that it is the combination of modalities that provides the best outcomes for our patients.  As you proceed through your care plan, these treatments may be adjusted according to the progress that you are making.

No.  One of the best aspects of our FDA-cleared, non-invasive, drug-free approach to care is that patients can continue with their daily activities while progressing through treatment.  On occasion, some patients may experience mild soreness as we work to restore mobility, but it should not impact your daily living and you should not require any downtime after your treatments.


We invite anyone suffering in chronic pain or considering joint replacement or other surgeries to get a second opinion at a no-cost, no-obligation consultation at our Cedar Rapids clinic.

We will answer all of your questions and, together, determine if our treatment program is right for you.