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Relieving Pain, Restoring Motion
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InMotion Pain Solutions brings together a combination of FDA-cleared, drug free, non-invasive therapies never seen before in Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa.  Everything we do is wholly focused on relieving pain to get you moving again, because when your body moves, it heals.

Life is meant to be lived InMotion.

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How We Are Different

Unlike drugs, injections, and surgery, our treatment protocols focus on treating pain at the source to provide lasting relief. Once reserved for pro athletes, our protocols are…

High Intensity Laser Therapy at InMotion Pain Solutions

Most Powerful Lasers

Not all laser therapies are created equal. Our lasers are among the most powerful in the world, reaching deeper to provide better outcomes for our patients...

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Alternative to Surgery

For many, the InMotion treatment program is a viable alternative to surgery, including back surgery and joint replacement surgery. Our FDA-cleared, drug-free therapies...

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8 Things to Consider Before Joint Replacement Surgery

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Patient Testimonials

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I had both knees replaced, one rehabbed quickly, the other I’ve had nothing but problems ever since. I had a great deal of pain… This care was totally unlike any other treatments I ever had. I’ve achieved much more than I ever imagined.

Post-Surgical Pain
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I tried physical therapy, I tried pain medication, I tried a brace… The pain was to the point I couldn’t do the things I loved any more… Once I had my first treatment, I knew I was on the right path. I thank God for my husband who pushed me to come.

Knee Pain