Second Opinions at InMotion Pain Solutions

Patient Getting Second Opinion From DoctorFacing an important medical decision can be overwhelming. That’s why it is important to seek out as much information as you can about the condition and various treatment options. Getting a second (or third or fourth) opinion can provide peace of mind and help you make the best decision for your care.


1) Confirm the diagnosis

2) Learn about your condition

3) Discover a variety of treatment options

4) Feel comfortable in choosing the best treatment option for you.

When seeking a second opinion, it’s important to get information from a variety of medical perspectives. One recommendation is to seek input from a doctor outside of your current medical institution. Another is to talk to doctors from differing medical specialties, since most providers will see your condition from the point-of-view of their specialty (e.g. a surgeon will look at your condition through the lens of surgical interventions).

There are often a variety of ways to treat a condition. It’s challenging for any one physician to be current with every available option. That is why it’s up to you to be your own advocate in seeking out as much information as you can from multiple resources. Ask questions. Do some research, and then ask more questions. Explore a variety of options.

Don’t worry, seeking a second opinion is common. Your doctor will not be offended.


• What are the success rates, or outcomes, for this treatment option?

• What are the success rates, or outcomes, for this particular provider?

• What are the possible side effects of this treatment?

• Is there a more conservative option that I can try first?

• How will this treatment choice affect my life today? Over the long term?

• Have I met the doctor/provider who will be administering the treatment?

• Do I feel as though I have been listened to?

• Have my questions been answered in a way that I can understand?


Patients from Cedar Rapids and throughout Eastern Iowa have come to InMotion Pain Solutions after being told that nothing else could be done for them or that painful surgery was the only treatment option available to them. We’re here to tell you that may not be the case.

Our complimentary second opinion program includes a no-charge consultation with Dr. Ben Wyant and review of your current X-rays, MRI, or CT scans and medical records at our Cedar Rapids clinic. The second opinion appointment does not include a physical exam and/or new diagnostic testing (such as x-rays). A referral is not necessary.

If we think that you could benefit from our non-invasive, non-surgical treatment program, we’ll tell you. And if our program is not likely to help you, we will tell you that too.