No-Cost Consultations at InMotion Pain Solutions

We understand that it’s hard to know from a website or brochure if a treatment program would be right for you.   We also know that many people are skeptical about therapies that are new to them.  That’s why InMotion Pain Solutions in offers a no-cost consultation as the first of our 3 Steps to Chronic Pain Relief.


1) No-Cost, No-Risk Consultation

• Sit down and talk to our doctor about your condition
• Get answers to your questions
• Learn about our FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-invasive pain therapies, including High Intensity Laser Therapy.

This initial consultation is done at no cost to you at our Cedar Rapids clinic. If you have recent x-rays or MRI reports, we encourage you to bring them along. No-cost consultations do not include a physical exam or new x-rays.

Upon completion of the consultation appointment, if we do not think that you are a good candidate for our program, we will tell you. If we think that you would benefit from our therapies, it is your choice if you wish to move to step 2.

2) Affordable Exam & X-rays

A physical exam and x-ray review are essential to developing your individual care plan. The physical exam will include range of motion testing, gait and postural analysis, and orthopedic and neurological evaluations. If you have recent x-rays on file with another provider, you can request a copy of them. If the doctor needs new x-rays, we will take them on site at our Cedar Rapids clinic. Usually, we can perform your exam and take any necessary x-rays the same day as your no-cost consultation.

3) Personalized Care Plan

Upon completion of step 2, the doctor will review his findings and develop a personalized care plan specific to you and your condition. We will schedule a second no-cost appointment to sit down to review the details with you including:

• Exam / x-ray findings
• Care goals
• Treatment protocols
• Length of treatment
• Cost of care

It is strongly suggested that you bring a family member or friend with you to your care plan appointment to help ask questions and understand the program. After you have all the information, the decision whether or not to enroll in our treatment program is entirely up to you.

Request a No-Cost Consultation

Call 319-200-1495 or answer a few questions below and we will contact you to confirm an appointment time. We look forward to seeing you.